Felix Franz works as a freelance journalist in Berlin. His most recent work includes covering the Armenian revolution for Deutsche Welle and the Christian Science Monitor; a documentary about the Binge Eating Disorder for Germany’s public broadcaster; fighting corruption with tech in Mexico for the WIRED UK as well as regular contributions as a TV producer and reporter for BBC News. He speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese and publishes in English and German.  In 2015 he received an M.A. in international journalism from City, University of London.

He works as a writer as well as a TV reporter and producer. His work has been published by BBC News, Perspective Daily, The Christian Science Monitor, WIRED UK, Deutsche Welle, ARD/ZDF, CBC News, N-TV and elsewhere. 

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Felix Franz
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On the trail of Chinese pharmaceuticals in Africa

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MOMBASA - Counterfeit and substandard drugs are believed to kill thousands of people annually. The trade of substandard or falsified medicines has grown to a $30 billion black market industry. Experts warn that the number of counterfeit or substandard goods entering Africa is on the rise. Kenya, with its international Port of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, is one of the epicenters. What’s more, public health facilities in Kenya are often expensive, inefficient, and sometimes prone to stock-outs.

A Quinine injection produced by Chinese company