Frank Andrews is an independent British journalist.

His reporting focuses on injustice and abuse of power. A former fellow with Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, his work has been published by CNN, Middle East Eye, the OCCRP and Prospect. He is currently a Deputy Editor at Are We Europe magazine. 

Frank Andrews

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Frank Andrews
Injustice and abuse of power
United Kingdom

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SOS Chrétiens d’Orient in Syria: The far-right French NGO supporting Bashar al-Assad

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics
  • Religion

French humanitarian NGO SOS Chrétiens d’Orient (SOSCO) claims to support persecuted Christians in Syria and the wider Middle East without interfering in conflicts or local politics. But in reality, the seven-year-old NGO—which was founded by far-right, conservative, Catholic activists— thinly veils its agenda to amplify Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s propaganda and push for a normalisation of diplomatic relationships between Damascus and EU countries.