Geesje is the driving force of the project and head of the growing team of Lost in Europe. She coordinates the research on the ground, brings the team together, works in the field and is responsible for fundraising. Geesje van Haren has much experience as a mediamaker and she teaches investigative journalism, creativity, entrepreneurship and photography. She is founder of the private school for investigative journalism Open Eyes in Amsterdam.

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Geesje van Haren
Investigative journalism, creativity, entrepreneurship and photography

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KOSOVO - In Kosovo a well organized trafficking network has started a big wave of minors who leave for Italy. Thanks to the Zampa law, which was introduced in 2017, they can get licenses to study or to work, if they report themselves at the Italian immigration services. The law was meant to decrease the number of missing unaccompanied migrant children, but it helps human smuggling in hand. "It's a company of 100.000 euros a month, but no one seems to care", says the prosecutor in Triƫste.