Hana has worked in investigace.cz as a reporter since summer 2019.

She joined from the Czech weekly Respekt where she worked with intermissions in other major Czech media since 1998. Hana’s main focus was previously domestic politics, economy and social issues. She was nominated for the Czech Journalism Awards multiple times, including for the stories: “Natálka In The Land Without Mirrors” (A reportage about the life of a Roma girl and her family three years after a racist arson attack on them.), “Flight Over The Vrchlabí Nest” (An investigation into why a healthy man died in a hospital owned by the Czech politician Vladimir Dryml.), “Mr Mirror Must Pay” (Story of a man who owed hundreds of thousands Czk to lawyers and debt collectors for events that never happened.) and “Take The Bait And Pay!” (An analysis of how debt collection became profitable business.). She was awarded an honourable mention in journalism competition for the article “Czech Hell” about the life of gastarbeiters in the Czech Republic.

Basic information

Hana Čápová
Domestic politics, economy and social issues

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Green EU subsidies in the hands of organised crime

  • Corruption
  • Environment

A cross-border team of journalists has focused on the potential corruption of solar energy support in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. More specifically, in the Czech Republic, the government has been postponing the changes to law allowing the state-guaranteed price of solar electricity to match the decline in investment in solar electricity.