Hanna Kibovskaya currently works as a freelance journalist, focusing on "green" transition, sustainable development, ecology, energy security.

With 24 years experience in media Hanna Kibovskaya collaborates as a writer and an editor with leading Ukrainian business media. In the field of her interests are ecology, "green" transition, sustainable development, energy security, macroeconomics.

Hanna Kibovskaya

Basic information

Hanna Kibovskaya
data journalism, ecology, "green" transition, sustainable development, energy security, macroeconomics

Supported projects

Ukraine delays industrial pollution reforms. What it means for Europe

  • Environment
  • Industry

KYIV — This story studies the links between Ukraine's pace of reforms in the field of industrial pollution and the prospects of the country for integration into the European Union, notably within the highly promising energy market.

Invasion into the future

  • Armed conflict
  • Environment

KYIV - This story is about the readiness of Ukrainian iron and steel industry – the second largest generator of foreign exchange earnings and a significant polluter, to implement green production technologies after the end of the war.