Hans van Scharen is Researcher and Campaigner at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO).

Hans studied Journalism in The Netherlands and worked as a journalist for newspapers, magazines and television in both Belgium and the Netherlands for over 15 years. For a decade (2009-2019) he worked as parliamentary assistant to Belgian MEP Bart Staes in the European parliament, focussing a lot on agricultural and food policy related issues like pesticides, food waste, seeds and trade. Since the start of 2020 he works for the Brussels based research and campaign NGO Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and also sometimes as freelance journalist.


Hans van Scharen

Basic information

Hans van Scharen
Researcher, journalist
EU, corporate matters, lobbying

Mentor for

Bioplastics: a green innovation or just another plastic problem?

  • Environment
  • Industry

BRUSSELS - Paradoxical plastics: Why are bioplastics not necessarily as good as a solution to plastic waste as the had been proclaimed?