Verwekt in de oorlog (1944), geboren na de oorlog (01-07-1945). Zwerfde rond, samen met tweelingbroer Toon, van 1947 tot 1958, met moeder en diens ouders, in Antwerpen, Brasschaat, Borgerhout en Deurne. 

In 1958 he moved to Brussels, with suddenly a father in the family.
Went to Atheneum Etterbeek until 1964, diploma VUB (Chemistry) in 1968.
Two years teacher in RDCongo instead of military service.

Teacher of secondary education in Roermond (NL), Tienen, Aarschot, Keerbergen, Luxembourg (LU) and Ixelles. On retirement in 2007.

Volunteer (Local Service Centers, Residential and Care Center and for numerous projects in RDCongo). Amateur theater player, storyteller and film actor in Brussels and Leuven.

Mother Liesbeth was secretary to Richard Jungclaus, head of the SS in Belgium. Father Henri and 'uncles' Twan and Leo were SS men on the Eastern Front. 'Uncle' Marc was the leader of a camp of the Landesdienst in Poland. 'Uncle' Leo was leader of the Hitlerjugend in Flanders. 'Uncle' Twan ended his 'career' as the last Standartenfuehrer of the 'Germanic SS Flanders'.

foto: © Martine De Flander

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Hein Van den Brempt

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The sorrow of Flanders

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Flanders and the Netherlands have a long tradition of silence about the disgraceful collaboration with the German occupiers during the Second World War. Twin brothers Hein and Toon Van den Brempt are determined to break that silence.