Inge Wagemakers holds a PhD in development studies (Antwerp University, Belgium).

She co-produced several documentaries with Luk Dewulf. She is an expert in inclusive education. Her general objective is to foster social inclusion for children with disabilities, in all contexts.

Awards: Nominated - Belfius Press prize 2015 / Won - Belfius Press prize 2013.

Basic information

Inge Wagemakers
inclusive eduction

Supported projects

Exit Concentration

  • Youth
  • Education

BELGIUM - In the documentary Exit Concentration, Luk Dewulf and Inge Wagemakers shed light on the Flemish educational landscape and give us a glimpse behind the scenes of the much-discussed but little-known concentration schools.

Mercy Killing

  • Healthcare
  • Human Rights

KAMPALA - Having a child with a disability poses severe challenges to parents, making their lives more difficult. For parents living in a very poor developing country it’s even more challenging.