Ioana Moldoveanu is a reported based in Bucharest, Romania.

Ioana has 18 years of experience in journalism with top Romanian media, 8 of which she did journalism management.

As a reporter, she covered social, economical, and political subjects, but she specialized in long-form feature articles with an investigative angle. For 8 years, she was the editor in chief of VICE Romania magazine, a newsroom which she built from scratch, together with a network of correspondents in the entire country and abroad. She is now investigating corruption in state Romanian institutions for RISE Project. 

Basic information

Ioana Moldoveanu
Corruption, social, economical, and political subjects

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The Electoral Hydra

  • Corruption
  • Politics

CRAIOVA - A team of journalists investigated the connections between an institution for Romanian democracy and a crime group, who sustained together a corruption network violating law and blocking controls to favor their political leaders.