Isabella Yasmin Kajiwara is a Japanese-British-American community organiser and writer based in London, and co-founder of the London-based Buddhist community 'Soka Space' pop-up library.

They work closely with the immigration justice group SOAS Detainee Support to provide support and campaign for those victimised by borders and prisons. They have also found a home in the London-based collective ESEA Sisters, a community group providing spaces for East and South East Asian women, trans, non-binary and genderqueer folk to heal, create and connect with one another.

Isabella Yasmin Kajiwara

Basic information

Isabella Yasmin Kajiwara
Community Organiser and Writer
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Asylum Seekers in the Age of Offshoring: Shrinking Space for Human Rights Protection

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

LONDON/BERLIN/COPENHAGEN - In the not-so-distant past, the concept of offshore immigration policies, which involve shifting the responsibility of processing asylum claims to a different country, was largely associated with populist far-right ideologies.

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