Jack Kerr is an investigative journalist specialising in open-source intelligence and computer-assisted investigations.

He is particularly interested in the fields of online gambling, organised crime, environmental protection and emerging technologies, and the surprising places where they intersect. His work has been published and aired by The New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, The Sydney Morning Herald, Josimar and ABC News. He currently works as a senior investigative journalist with Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Jack Kerr

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Jack Kerr
Gambling, organised crime, environmental protection and emerging technologies

Supported projects

Football’s Carbon Footprint: Burning Up the Planet

  • Environment
  • Sport
  • Transport

LONDON – This is a cross-border investigation by five journalists into how the world’s most popular sport is creating a huge carbon footprint and relying on the fossil fuel industry in a never-ending search for more money and more fans.

Play Local. Fix Global.

  • Corruption
  • Sport

OSLO - Every weekend, across, Europe, hundreds of thousands of footballers play local football for fun. 

Samindra Kunti

Football Club Cyber Slavery

  • Exploitation
  • Organised crime

EUROPE - Elite European football has been overrun with advertisements for Asian betting brands in recent years, despite many of these companies being connected to major organised crime figures.

Jack Kerr