Jack Wolf is an independent investigative researcher, filmmaker and artist covering issues surrounding conflict, migration, technology, and the environment.

He is part of a network of researchers looking into extractivism in West and Central Africa. Most recently Jack has worked as a researcher with Mnemonic, Syrian Archive and EIForum.

Jack Wolf

Basic information

Jack Wolf
Investigative researcher, filmmaker, artist
Conflict, migration, technology, environment.

Supported projects

The Lithium Diaries

  • Environment
  • Exploitation
  • Healthcare
  • Work

MANONO - In recent years global demand for lithium has grown at the fastest pace among all of the world’s major minerals according to the International Energy Association (IEA). A rush to explore for and mine the mineral is taking place worldwide. Communities, the environment and associated livelihoods around the world are being put at risk by mining enterprises looking for lithium.

The West Africa Green Rush

  • Armed conflict
  • Environment
  • Transport

TOUVRE (IVORY COAST) - There is an increased demand for minerals such as cobalt, nickel and lithium. These minerals are used to make electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and electric vehicles - technologies which are deemed essential to the 'green transition'. However, the increase in demand has led to new pressures for communities around the world that live alongside these minerals.

Who are Ivory Coast’s new lithium miners?

TOUVRE - This project investigates how the drive for lithium is causing conflict and crop destruction in rural communities across West Africa.