Jan Žabka worked as a regional investigative journalist for HlídacíPes.org in the Olomouc region from 2018 to 2019.

He then became a reporter at the national editorial office of HlídacíPes.org, focusing on topics like disinformation, societal divisions, and information security. He stands out as one of the few Czech journalists skilled in OSINT and geolocation techniques collaborating with the international investigative team Bellingcat. Jan is also recognized for creating educational TikTok videos on media literacy. For this, he was nominated for the Czech Journalism Award 2021. Since the same year, he started teaching students and seniors how to verify information and counter online threats. He is also cooperating with Transitions, an international media organisation or digital community Czech.digital. He is a fellow of the Journalist Security Fellowship in Central Europe by the international organisation Internews. Furthermore, he successfully completed journalism programs like the Ceeli Institute's Investigating Corruption and Money Laundering, as well as the Bakala Foundation's Journey: Journalism Bootcamp.

Jan Žabka

Basic information

Jan Žabka
Freelance journalist
OSINT, misinformation issues and society

Supported projects

Okraj - Investigative and Analytical Newsroom in Moravian-Silesian Region

  • Journalism & Media

OSTRAVA - The Moravian-Silesian Region lacks independent investigative journalism for the proper functioning of local democracy. That is why we will establish a new independent media outlet "Okraj", an investigative and analytical regional editorial office that will not deal with daily news, but rather with the production of complex, contextual articles covering politics, environment, minorities, social issues and more.