Jenny Gustafsson is a Sweden-born journalist reporting from across the Middle East, South Asia and other places. 

She also works as an editor for different journalistic projects, including Mashallah News. Jenny writes on a range of issues related to society, including development, migration, politics, crafts, urban heritage and cultural expressions. 

Her work appeared in The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Al Jazeera, IRIN News, The National, Politiken, Aftenposten and many others. 

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The bitter seeds of Christmas

  • Environment

GEORGIA - Each year in December, 80 million Christmas trees are sold across Europe. The majority of these, 45 million, are Nordmann firs who have their origins in the Caucasus region. 80 % of the Nordmann trees cultivated in Europe come from seeds harvested in Western Georgia.  

Photos taken by Julien Pebrel