Julien Pebrel is a French photographer and a member of MYOP Photo Agency since 2011. 

Over the last few years, he has worked in France, Togo, Bulgaria, Moldova, Argentina, Romania, but has a specific interest for the South Caucasus and Georgia. 

He collaborates regularly with the French and international press: M le magazine du Monde, L'Obs, Le Monde, Le Temps, Internazionale, Geo, D la Repubblica, Telerama, Revue XXI, Liberation, Sunday Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Time, nationalgeographic.com, Huck, etc. 

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Julien Pebrel

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The bitter seeds of Christmas

  • Environment

GEORGIA - Each year in December, 80 million Christmas trees are sold across Europe. The majority of these, 45 million, are Nordmann firs who have their origins in the Caucasus region. 80 % of the Nordmann trees cultivated in Europe come from seeds harvested in Western Georgia.  

Photos taken by Julien Pebrel