Laura Carrer is an Italian freelance journalist and researcher.

She mostly deals with technology and surveillance, and the impact these have on society, through investigations, reportage, longforms. She has also written about climate change and environmental rights, housing policies, gender issues. Her work has been published mainly in Italy by Irpimedia, Domani, FQ Millennium, Wired Italia, MilanoToday, L'Espresso.

Carrer holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology and a master's degree in Communication and media studies.

Laura Carrer

Basic information

Laura Carrer
Journalist and researcher
Technology and Surveillance

Supported projects

Rider Accident, Now What?

  • Exploitation
  • Transport

BILBAO - In the Basque region of northern Spain, it is not an uncommon occurrence for food delivery couriers to be involved in accidents on the road. 

Paolo Lottini

Waste crimes know no borders, and easily breach them

  • Environment
  • Organised crime

TUNIS - In this story, a team of journalists based in Italy, Tunisia, and Germany highlights how waste gets illegally trafficked to countries with more competitive rates and lower environmental standards through mislabelling, fake documentation, corruption, and taking advantage of control loopholes.