Laura Zuallaert is a Belgian documentary maker.

Laura Zuallaert (° 1985, Leuven, Belgium) studied Photography at the KASK in Ghent and obtained a Master's degree. Her work gradually evolved from photography to film during her studies. In 2010 she made her first documentary ASPARRAGOS, which was awarded the Stichtingsprijs of the city of Ghent (2011) and the Lichtpuntprijs.

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Laura Zuallaert
Mobility, Food, Heritage

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A Coptic question

  • Religion

EGYPT - In Belgium lives a small, unknown minority from the Middle East: Coptic Christians from Egypt. For many, migration was a choice for a better life, others point to the penal position of Copts as a minority in Egypt.


  • Migration

ETHIOPIA/UK - Fisseha was born in Eritrea and grew up in Ethiopia. After his father passed away, his uncle takes care of him. Tensions break out in the region and Fisseha and his uncle are no longer safe because of their beliefs.