Lies Van der Auwera is a Belgian television maker.

Lies Van der Auwera graduated from the Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters in 2000. She subsequently obtained a master's degree in Cultural Anthropology (KULeuven). After a few years as a teacher of Dutch as a foreign language and a film and video course at the Academy of Sint-Niklaas, she decided to go work in film and television. Since 2006, Lies has been involved in numerous television programs and has made many films for organizations. Docu / human interest is her favorite field of work.

Basic information

Lies Van der Auwera
human interest

Supported projects

'De Roma' is ours

ANTWERP - Thanks to more than 450 volunteers the cultural center called De Roma keeps going. Why do they put their heart and soul into this theater in Borgerhout near Antwerp? Television maker Lies Van der Auwera tried to find the answer. 


  • Culture

ANTWERPEN - The corona virus has been raging through Europe for weeks. The cultural sector is locked up and the creators at home, for the time being without any perspective. Seven artists manage to draw resilience from stagnation and show that they can quickly switch to an alternative frame of mind like no other.
During the lockdowns, a fundamental question becomes increasingly clear: what choices does society make in a crisis situation and what place does culture have in it?