Lorenzo Bodrero is an investigative and data journalist from Italy, co-founder of the investigative outlet IrpiMedia.

He studied Communications Science and obtained a degree in Italy and one in the Netherlands. He worked as press officer and communication manager at the European association FLARE Network for four years. He was in charge of FLARE’s online magazine Bright, a web-journal entirely focused on organised crime and corruption-related issues, for three years. Also for FLARE, he coordinated the ‘Best International Organised Crime Report‘ Award

As a freelance journalist he collaborated with media such as L’Espresso, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Vice News, Il Corriere della Sera, Narcomafie, Valori, Wired, OCCRP and 100Reporters. Bodrero is now the Data editor of and an investigative reporter with IrpiMedia. In 2015, he took part in the investigation “Unholy Alliances” by OCCRP, which won the Global Shining Light Award.

Lorenzo Bodrero

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Lorenzo Bodrero
Data Journalist

Supported projects

Dirty Money for Clean Rivers

  • Corruption
  • Environment

BUCHAREST - For almost 9 years, Romania has been criticised and monitored by the European Commission for allowing the large-scale destruction of several mountain rivers for the purpose of building micro-hydropower plants, without complying with the Water Framework and Habitats Directives.

RISE Project

Security for sale: the price we pay to protect Europeans

  • Science
  • Terrorism

Since the late 1990s, the European Union has worked to encourage a European security market, where major defence and technology companies develop products and services that better protect us from crime and terrorism. This industry should also create jobs and be globally competitive. Over the past year, more than twenty journalists in eleven European countries investigated this burgeoning sector. And they discovered there’s a lot wrong with the European security market.

Mafia in Africa 2

  • Industry
  • Organised crime

Mafia in Africa 2 exposes the fraudulent business empire of Italian criminal Curio Pintus, who was sentenced to three years in jail in 2001 for laundering drug money for the 'ndrangheta, but remains active as CEO of US “merchant bank”, the Pintus Group.

Mafia in Africa

  • Industry
  • Organised crime

The Italian mafia has established a hidden but lethal presence in Africa. Its members own diamond mines, nightclubs and land, all with the complicity of corrupt regimes.

Pulp fiction: Chinese tomato puree, made in Italy

  • Agriculture

SALERNO - A great amount of capital is invested in agriculture and gains juicy but illegal returns. Nearly one in three 'Made in Italy'-labeled goods sold in Italy or exported elsewhere are produced with non-Italian products.