Lorenzo Buzzoni is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Italy.

His articles have been published in international newspapers such as Republik, Il Fatto Quotidiano and La Voce di NY. “What world would be without Nutella” was his first short documentary, which denounced Ferrero’s exploitative hazelnut cultivation and land-grabbing practices in central of Italy. He has been selected to take part in relevant documentary courses at Zalab and Italian Doc Screening.

Lorenzo graduated from Università di Pisa with a Bachelor of Art and a Master’s degree in Philosophy, and afterwards studied International Relations at the same university and graduated with a Master’s in Reporting at Scuola Holden in Turin.

Lorenzo Buzzoni

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Lorenzo Buzzoni
Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker

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Universities Accept Fossil Fuel Funding

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OXFORD – Fuelling academia: OpenDemocracy and Investigate Europe find that Europe’s leading universities have received at least €260 million from fossil fuel giants and taken advice on degree curricullae. 

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