Luuk Koenen works freelance as cameraman and photographer based in Breda (The Netherlands).

Since 2017 Luuk has regularly worked for AT5. He graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam where he, in the last year, did an internship for the local news broadcaster AT5 in Amsterdam.
With his diploma, he started freelancing at AT5. Over the last few years, he had filmed a number of productions for the station such as De Zwoele Stad, a talkshow in various locations around the city, live programmes and events as well as short documentaries on various themes around Amsterdam.

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Luuk Koenen

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Brussels and Amsterdam show each other the way forward

  • Cities
  • Environment
  • Social affairs
  • Transport

A'DAM - BRUSSELS - More and more people are moving to the city, but what does the future of these growing cities look like? Thanks to’s LOCAL grant programme, two media organisations (BRUZZ from Brussels and AT5 from Amsterdam) have teamed up for the first time to investigate the two cities. In a five-part series of videos and articles, the two city media delved into the crucial challenges for the city of tomorrow: mobility, housing, waste, tourism and language.