Maaike Goslinga is a Dutch journalist at De Correspondent.

"As the International Editor of the Dutch member-driven online platform De Correspondent I am responsible for collaborations with journalists worldwide. My mission is to erase borders in how we approach topics and themes and set up extensive networks with journalists abroad. This enhances our reporting and our understanding of things that shape our world. I’m currently working on bringing our membership model to the U.S.A. as the De Correspondent’s International Project Lead for the Membership Puzzle Project.

In the past I was involved with the development of whistleblowing platforms Publeaks and AfriLEAKS on behalf of the Publeaks Foundation and Free Press Unlimited. I worked as an intern and website editor for the European Journalism Centre. And I volunteered at Finance Uncovered, a London-based organisation that brings together journalists from all over the world to uncover illicit financial crimes.

I hold degrees in European Studies and English, minoring in journalism.

In my spare time I travel around the world, cheer for my team Sparta Rotterdam, eat too much Tony Chocolonely Caramel Seasalt chocolate, and buy more books than I can possibly read."

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Maaike Goslinga

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Security for sale: the price we pay to protect Europeans

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Since the late 1990s, the European Union has worked to encourage a European security market, where major defence and technology companies develop products and services that better protect us from crime and terrorism. This industry should also create jobs and be globally competitive. Over the past year, more than twenty journalists in eleven European countries investigated this burgeoning sector. And they discovered there’s a lot wrong with the European security market.