Manuel holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Navarra and a master's degree in Communication from Columbia University-Missouri (USA), where he studied on a Fulbright scholarship.

He also holds a law degree from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and is a member of the Madrid Bar Association, specializing in Transparency issues.

Manuel has more than three decades of experience as a journalist. He has been editor-in-chief of Interviú, deputy editor of Tiempo, deputy editor of Público and editor in chief of infoLibre. He also worked in El Correo Gallego and in the Galicia and Euskadi offices of El Mundo. He is currently the Spanish reporter for Investigate Europe.

He has been a part of several high-profile journalistic investigations. He discovered that the Spanish anticorruption prosecutor Manuel Moix had a company in Panama, which led to his immediate resignation in 2017. In the past three years he has published more than 50 exclusive stories on care homes in Spain. He has also been part of investigations led by OCCRP (Suisse Secrets, Russian Asset Tracker and OpenLux, among others) and EIC.

His reporting into the state of nursing homes across Spain has also been recognized with several awards. In 2021 he received the José Couso Award, from the Colexio Profesional de Xornalistas de Galicia, and the Specialized Journalist Award from the Asociación de Periodistas de Madrid (APM). And in 2023 he received the Pilar Blanco Award for Social and Labor Communication from Comisiones Obreras de Madrid.

He is the author of the book ¡Vergüenza! El escándalo de las residencias, published in March 2021 by Planeta.

Manuel Rico

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Manuel Rico
Investigative reporter
Transparency Issues, Law

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The Business of Madness

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MADRID/TRIESTE - The cross-border investigation is shedding light on how deinstitutionalisation is taking place in 5 regions of 4 different member states: Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. Many people in mental institutions are subject to neglect and abuse of human rights, reflected in high mortality rates.

Marco Cavallo

Universities Accept Fossil Fuel Funding

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OXFORD – Fuelling academia: OpenDemocracy and Investigate Europe find that Europe’s leading universities have received at least €260 million from fossil fuel giants and taken advice on degree curricullae. 

universities funding in europe