Marcello Rossi is a freelance journalist focusing on climate change and the human impact on the environment.

He has almost a decade of dedicated experience in covering climate change and the environment. His works, which span deeply reported features, profiles of environmental activists and scientists, interviews with innovators, and cross-border investigations, have been featured internationally in outlets like National Geographic, The Economist, The Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera English, Nature Climate Change, Reuters, Smithsonian, POLITICO Europe, WIRED, and Outside.

Marcello Rossi

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Marcello Rossi
Climate, environment & science journalist
Climate change

Supported projects

Nutrient Overload in Europe

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

RONCILIONE / CAMPO DE CARTAGENA – The EU aims to reduce fertiliser overuse, but it faces the resistance of the industry and farmers alike. This investigation examines the cases of two hotspots in Italy and Spain, scrutinizing contamination drivers and assessing health, environmental, and economic consequences.

Lucifer's Spell

  • Environment

SARDINIA - EVIA - The Mediterranean basin is a hotspot of the climate crisis, with average temperatures rising above global trends. Heat waves, droughts and a combination of anthropogenic factors are provoking new generations of wildfires that are devastating for ecosystems and for human societies.