Marco Ansaloni was born in Turin, Italy. After studying Architecture and Photography, he moved to Barcelona, Spain. From here he develops projects worldwide as a photojournalist especialised in history, archaeology, travel and culture.

For him, History is the starting point to describe the experiences of cultures distant in time and feel closer to our present. His work has been published in the most important media as National Geographic, GEO, Archaeology Magazine, Qui Touring, FOCUS, La Repubblica, Oggi, Newton, Le Scienze, Muy Interesante, Le Point, Rutas del Mundo, CLIO History and others.

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Marco Ansaloni

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Divided Cities in Europe

  • Armed conflict

The European Union has worked since its foundation to achieve border integration. Nevertheless, the creation of new borders and the strengthening of existing ones still occurs, especially within cities. Now that national borders are more permeable and less confining than ever due to globalization, the strongest conflicts are related to urban space.