Margot Otten is a Belgian radio presenter, podcast maker and TV reporter at BRUZZ.

Margot studied radio at the RITCS and during her studies, she worked for the national radio station Radio 1. Via an internship, she soon ended up at the city broadcaster FM Brussels and then started working as a news reporter for TV Brussels. Both outlets have been part of BRUZZ for five years now and Margot has been working as a radio presenter, podcast maker and TV reporter at BRUZZ ever since. Telling stories from the city is for her the core of her job.

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Margot Otten
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Brussels and Amsterdam show each other the way forward

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A'DAM - BRUSSELS - More and more people are moving to the city, but what does the future of these growing cities look like? Thanks to’s LOCAL grant programme, two media organisations (BRUZZ from Brussels and AT5 from Amsterdam) have teamed up for the first time to investigate the two cities. In a five-part series of videos and articles, the two city media delved into the crucial challenges for the city of tomorrow: mobility, housing, waste, tourism and language.