Maria Delaney is the editor of Noteworthy, an award-winning crowdfunded investigative journalism platform from that supports independent and impactful public interest journalism.

As an investigative journalist, she specialises in health, social justice and science. Previously, as a freelance science and health journalist, her work appeared in The Sunday Times, Business Post, The Irish Times, Ars Technica, among others, as well as on RTÉ Radio 1 and Newstalk.

Recent recognition of her work includes the Journalism Excellence Award from the Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Awards 2021 and a Justice Media Award 2022 for Human Rights and Social Justice Reporting for Noteworthy's TOUGH START series that investigated the uphill battle facing Traveller children in Ireland. She is also the recipient of two awards from the Association of British Science Writers. 

She is also the current president of the Irish Science & Technology Journalists’ Association (ISTJA).   

Basic information

Maria Delaney
Social justice, health, science and data
Dublin & Donegal

Supported projects

Hands On Deck: Exploitation of Migrant Fishing Workers in Ireland

  • Exploitation
  • Fishing industry
  • Human Rights
  • Trafficking

DUBLIN - Recruited to Ireland with the promise of good wages, fishers from the Philippines - often in debt after paying illegal recruitment fees - travel across the world to provide better opportunities for themselves and their families. But a work permission scheme, introduced following exposure of trafficking and exploitation of undocumented workers in the sector, has now become a vehicle to exploit the same workers it was introduced to protect, according to workers' advocates.