Marina-Maya Govzman is a correspondent and freelance journalist specializing in the social and political aspects of Russian reality.

She has experience working with leading Russian charities and independent media, including those subjected to repression by the Russian authorities. Marina-Maya's articles are distinguished by her engagement with the events she describes and her close interaction with the characters in her stories.

Marina-Maya Govzm worked on this project about the Mercenaries and Volunteers of the Russian War against Ukraine together with the team of the independent Russian media SPEKTR.PRESS.

Marina-Maya Govzman

Basic information

Marina-Maya Govzman
Journalist, Media Producer
social and political aspects of Russian reality

Supported projects

Who is Who: Volunteers and Mercenaries of the Ukrainian War

  • Armed conflict
  • Politics

KYIV - "Spektr.Press" presents a Project 'Private War', which is combined of a series of publications about foreigners who decided to participate in the military conflict in Ukraine.

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