Marine Leduc is a French freelance journalist and media literacy educator working in France and Romania.

She collaborates with La Croix, Le Soir, Le Monde Diplomatique, Arte, Equal Times, Neon, and the bilingual French-Romanian magazine Regard. She dedicates her work to minorities, work migration and workers’ rights, women’s rights, environmental issues, and the Romanian cultural scene.
She has been involved in several cross-border investigations, mostly about South and South-East Asians workers coming to Romania, and about the energy sector in Romania and around the Black Sea.

Marine Leduc

Basic information

Marine Leduc
Journalist & media literacy educator
Minorities, work migration & workers’ rights, women’s rights, environmental issues, & Romanian cultural scene

Supported projects

Romania, the new mirage for the Asian workers’ « European dream »

  • Corruption
  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

BUCHAREST - Facing an acute labor shortage and a drastic decrease in population, Romania has allowed tens of thousands of South and East Asian workers, from Vietnam, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, into the country. . The investigation is following the path of Vietnamese and Indians workers mostly -but also from other nationalities- who faced abuses and are victims of lack of assistance from their country of origin and then in Romania. 

Direct Train from Nepal to Europe

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

As countries in Eastern Europe increasingly face the problem of lack of workforce, they are turning to a new source of workers – Asian countries, especially Nepal. But often those workers are abused on the way during their journey to Europe and exploited in the destination countries, which don't have a long tradition of hosting migrant workers.