Micael Pereira is a Portuguese investigative journalist based in Lisbon, where he has been a staff writer for the Expresso newspaper since 2006.
Pereira worked on Wikileaks’s diplomatic cables leak, ICIJ's Offshore Leaks and Panama Papers and he collaborates with EIC, a network founded by Der Spiegel and other European newsrooms. Over the past three years he has been writing about Portugal’s biggest corruption case. Besides investigative journalism, Pereira also publishes long-form reports on political, social and conflict landscapes such as Russia, China, Iran, Kosovo, Afghanistan and East Timor.  He studied physics at University of Lisbon, and literature at Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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Micael Pereira

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Our Game

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The internal financial structures of several African countries' dominant political parties that are performing as corporatised multinationals in monopolised state power structures: Angola’s MPLA, Zimbabwe's ZANU, and Namibia’s SWAPO.

Passport for profit

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Thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East risk their lives to reach the shores of Europe and escape conflict and repression.  But for the wealthy there are easier options available. With enough money, it's possible to purchase a EU passport - or at least residence.