Micael Pereira is a senior reporter and investigative journalist at the leading Portuguese newspaper Expresso.
He has reported on corruption cases in Portugal and also in some African countries, such as Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Angola. He's an ICIJ member and was involved in many of its projects, including the Panama Papers, Luanda Leaks and Pandora Papers. Pereira is working with the EIC network as well and was part of the Football Leaks and Malta Files investigations. After going to Guatemala with Forbidden Stories' Green Blood series to uncover the harm done by a mining company, he felt inspired to dive deep into the climate crisis. He is the author of the documentary Black Trail, a European co-production premiered in 2021 about why ships continue to burn and emit the dirtiest of fuels.

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Micael Pereira

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Black Trail

  • Environment
  • Industry

LONDON - The shipping industry is central to the global economy. But among the world's biggest polluters and tax avoiders. Its emissions, from the dirtiest fuel-oil on earth, are larger than those of Germany, and have a serious impact on climate change.

Deception with Port

  • Industry

PORTO - Research by journalists Eelco van Wieringen (Buro Publieke Werken, Holland), Micael Pereira (Expresso Portugal) and Twan Kroon (researcher, Holland) shows that the age of port wines is often incorrect. They commissioned scientific research into the actual age of 10 and 20 year old Tawny ports. In more than half of the cases, the bottles appear to contain too young port.

Our Game

  • Corruption
  • Politics

The internal financial structures of several African countries' dominant political parties that are performing as corporatised multinationals in monopolised state power structures: Angola’s MPLA, Zimbabwe's ZANU, and Namibia’s SWAPO.

Passport for profit

  • Corruption
  • Migration
  • Organised crime

Thousands of refugees from Africa and the Middle East risk their lives to reach the shores of Europe and escape conflict and repression.  But for the wealthy there are easier options available. With enough money, it's possible to purchase a EU passport - or at least residence.