Natascha Eder is an investigative journalist based in the Netherlands.

She graduated cum laude from the Journalism of School at Windesheim University in Zwolle. She started her career during an internship at MO* Magazine (Brussels). She also did several articles on inequality in South Africa.

Currently, Natascha is specialised in military operations and UN peacekeeping and stabilization missions. For example, she did extensive research on the MINUSMA mission in Mali while working for The Investigative Desk.

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Natascha Eder
Military operations and UN peacekeeping and stabilization missions

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Burn pits in Mali

  • Armed conflict

After Afghanistan and Iraq, burn pits also seem to have appeared in around western military camps in Mali. In 2014, an extensive air study was conducted by Professor Yacouba Toloba, head of the pulmonology department at the Point G hospital in Bamako. The concentrations of fine dust around the burn pits were more than nine times higher than the WHO's maximum level.