Natasha is a UK based freelance illustrator who loves using bold colours and incorporating words or a sense of movement into her work.

She has always enjoyed sketching and drawing but her love for digital illustration began whilst leading the design team for Impact, her University’s student-run magazine. After her time there, she improved her skills and processes through self-initiated projects that focused on food and patterns.As she has become more experienced in article-based illustrations she has experimented with different types of imagery, endeavouring to portray the deeper meaning behind an author’s message. She loves editorial illustration because it gives art a purpose.

Natasha Phang Lee

Basic information

Natasha Phang Lee
Freelance Illustrator
United Kingdom

Supported projects

Asylum Seekers in the Age of Offshoring: Shrinking Space for Human Rights Protection

  • Human Rights
  • Migration

LONDON/BERLIN/COPENHAGEN - In the not-so-distant past, the concept of offshore immigration policies, which involve shifting the responsibility of processing asylum claims to a different country, was largely associated with populist far-right ideologies.

Natasha Phang Lee