Nick Hannes (°1974) is an independent photographer and journalist, based in Antwerp, Belgium. After his studies of photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts KASK in Ghent, he freelanced for various magazines and newspapers in Belgium and The Netherlands. Meanwhile he reported on social and political issues abroad, first in the Balkans, later on in the Middle East and currently in the former Soviet Union. Hannes teaches documentary photography at KASK in Ghent, Belgium.

Nick Hannes i represented by:
Hollandse Hoogte - Amsterdam
Reporters Press Agency - Brussels
Cosmos - Paris 

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Nick Hannes

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The past is a foreign country

  • Youth
  • Migration

BELGIUM - Eight underage asylum seekers were followed by Catherine Vuylsteke for one year. The Nadaar collective and three guest photographers each portrayed one of the youngsters.