Niels Daniel (°1971) was the face of several sports shows on the Belgian television network RTV. In 2001 he started announcing at international sports events.​

Niels has major international sports events on his resume, including the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the World Cup cyclo-cross in Kosijde (BEL), the Hockey World League Final (Argentina, 2015) and dozens of international gymnastics competitions such as the World Championships Artistic Gymnastics (Belgium, 2013), the World Championships Trampoline Gymnastics (Denmark, 2015) and many World Cups in Belgium, Azerbaijan, Poland and Qatar.

Niels talks and entertains the spectators, moderates the press conferences and organises the medal award ceremonies. And as some sports need music, he can bring the best deejay in the world. (Well, almost. Second only to Tiësto.)

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USA - America elects a new president, but what do new Americans like people from Antwerp (Belgium) who started a different life in the States years ago, think about that? For ten weeks journalist Niels Daniel and cameraman Nico Beckers travelled through four American states to find out: New Jersey, Colorado, Georgia and New York.