Olga Tokariuk-Shelest is a TV journalist and presenter and journalist with the Ukrainian independent TV station Hromadske with a focus on international news.

Since 2013, she has been reporting as a freelancer about events in Ukraine for various international media and working as a producer for foreign TV crews in Kiev (arranging interviews and organizing video shooting, translating, providing technical assistance).

She works at Hromadske, and collaborates with various Italian media such as ANSA news agency, RaiNews TV, Mediaset group TV, Rai Radio3Rai Radio1, Limes magazine, as well as Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List, Swiss RTS radio, Australian ABC Radio.

Tokariuk-Shelest's previous journalistic experience in the Ukrainian media includes work as a foreign news correspondent for Ukraina TV (2013-2014), Inter TV (2007-2010), K1 TV (2005-2007). She holds an MA degree in Journalism from the National University of Kyiv (2008) and an MA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Bologna (2012).


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Olga Tokariuk-Shelest

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Skype Villages in Ukraine

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Imagine a little town in rural Ukraine, with potholed roads, decayed public buildings, ill-looking gas pipes. And its broadband Internet. A few years ago, broadband Internet brought a second life to families in villages like that.