Paulo Nuno Vicente (Ph.D) is a non-fiction multimedia storyteller. (Portugal)

As a journalist he has reported mainly from Guinea-Bissau, Ceuta and Melilla, São Tomé and Príncipe, Lebanon, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel and the West Bank, Cape Verd, Chad and Central African Republic, Brazil, Kenya, Senegal, Mozambique and South Africa.

In documentary filmmaking he has directed «Building Paradise» (2009), «Imperfect Triangles» (2010), «Kilombos» (2012) and worked as a consultant for «Urok» (2013). Vicente is founder and Director of BAGABAGA STUDIOS, a co-op dedicated to the production, training and research on digital media and development.

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Hundreds of African and South-American minors come to Europe each year searching for a better life and professional success in the El Dorado of European football leagues. In doing so they expose themselves to multimillionaire cross-national structures of power and quick profits.