Based in Berlin, Germany, Qian Sun works as a freelance journalist for multiple media outlets in China and Europe. She mainly works for Phoenix TV, Hong Kong, as a correspondent covering German and European politics. Her writing, however, takes a human angle and mostly focuses on Chinese investment in Africa refugee and migration issues in Europe. She also works as a digital content producer for FIFA, Pear Video.

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Qian Sun
Independent journalist
German and European politics, Chinese investment in Africa, Sports and international relations

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On the trail of Chinese pharmaceuticals in Africa

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MOMBASA - Counterfeit and substandard drugs are believed to kill thousands of people annually. The trade of substandard or falsified medicines has grown to a $30 billion black market industry. Experts warn that the number of counterfeit or substandard goods entering Africa is on the rise. Kenya, with its international Port of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, is one of the epicenters. What’s more, public health facilities in Kenya are often expensive, inefficient, and sometimes prone to stock-outs.

A Quinine injection produced by Chinese company