Rien Bauwens is a Belgian director.

He is the co-founder of and director at JAAGBAAR cvba, a cooperative organization that amongst other activities is active in the field of audiovisual production and communication.

Rien holds a master's degree in Political Science & European Union Studies, is skilled in international relations and built intercultural competencies as diversity manager of one of Belgium’s major Your Movements. He is also an artist with performance duo TTBWRS and traveled to Africa on several occasions. In 2016 he created ‘Ceci n’est pas Ceci’, a 50 minute performance in Goma, North-Kivu, DRC. 

Rien Bauwens

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Rien Bauwens
DR Congo, Uganda

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  • Culture
  • Religion

UGANDA - In “Bewitched”, Daan Bauwens, Rien Bauwens and Yann Verbeke head to Uganda. A team of young Ugandan psychologists visits fishing villages on the shores of Lake Victoria. They are going to tell that there is such a thing as mental health and that it it can be helpful to talk about it. Because too often people with problems go to a witch.