Sabine Pirolt is a journalist based in Switzerland.

Born in Bienne, a bilingual town - German-French- Sabine Pirolt worked during many years for L'Hebdo, a magazine that covered swiss and international news. When it disappeared, she moved into audio-visual work for various RTS (Swiss Radio and Television) magazines. Her favorite themes are social phenomena, all kinds of problems that impact on people's lives, social insurance and health issues. Her empathy with the people she interviews, her ability to investigate in the field, her curiosity and the countless contacts she has built up over her 30 -year career are her greatest assets.

Sabine Pirolt

Basic information

Sabine Pirolt
Social phenomena, social insurance, health

Supported projects

Hackers - assault on intimacy

  • Organised crime
  • Technology

ROLLE - Who's next? That's the question on everyone's lips. For over three years, not a week has passed without the media reporting a hacking incident. Cyber hackers have never been so powerful. They are everywhere, looking for human error and technical flaws in our hyper-connected world.