As a journalist, she covered crime and judiciary news for Il Resto del Carlino and QN. She is a contributor to Ansa news agency.

Sabrina became an expert on the topic of ‘Ndrangheta in the North and is the author of the book “Operazione Emilia. How a ‘Ndrangheta costa infiltrated the North” published by Imprimatur and winner of the Aquila d’Oro, Estense awards 2016.

Graduated at the Dams Cinema at the University of Bologna and Law and Economy at the University of Reggio Emilia, PhD in Communication, social research and marketing at the University La Sapienza of Rome. 

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Sabrina Pignedoli
Journalist & Author
Mafi, Ndrangheta, crime

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How the Italian 'Ndrangheta infiltrated East Berlin reconstruction

  • Corruption
  • Organised crime

BERLIN - "They described men arriving in Berlin with briefcases full of cash, wanting to buy land, buildings, restaurants". Bernd Finger, former chief investigator of the BKA in Berlin told us regarding statements he received from the Treuhandgesellschaft (the DDR trust company), during the nineties. "Everything was legal at the time, nobody could have known or suspected that this money was there to be laundered”.