Saša Dragojlo is a Serbian investigative journalist. 

He is currently a journalist of BIRN, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, from Belgrade, Serbia. During his career Dragojlo was a winner or a shortlist nominee for the most prestigious journalistic awards in Serbia, including EU Award for investigative journalism and an award “Dejan Anastasijevic” that gives Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia, NUNS.

He is known for covering global migration, labor exploitation, arms trade, far right extremists and political corruption.


Saša Dragojlo

Basic information

Saša Dragojlo
Investigative journalist
global migration, labor exploitation, arms trade, far right extremists, political corruption

Supported projects

Istanbul to Illegality: Visa-Free Serbia a Hub for EU-Bound Turks

  • Migration

ISTANBUL/BELGRADE - This investigation uncovers that young Turkish citizens are increasingly using the Balkan route as a transit point to enter the EU illegally. The growing trend is due to crumbling purchasing power, high unemployment, and tense political environment in the country.