Sofie Hanegreefs (1974) is a Belgian filmmaker and artist.

With her work, Sofie wants to create connections and invite people to reflect. She believes that stories have the power to inspire and question the world and our way of life.

Her work includes documentary films such as 'How to fall apart', 'My aunts from Ghent', 'From the shadow' and 'Borderland', which were shown on Belgian public broadcaster Canvas and Eén, the Dutch NTR, Hollanddoc and various film festivals such as Docville, Docfeed, Ostend Film Festival, San Mauro Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival and Rome Independent Film Festival.

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Sofie Hanegreefs

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When the mask falls off

  • Social affairs

Although narcissism is a popular theme in today's media, there is also much confusion about it. This series explores what narcissism is and how destructive the consequences can be for people in close contact with a narcissist. The witnesses are former partners or relatives of.