Stefano Gurciullo is an Italian data specialist based in Berlin (Germany)

He harnesses network and data science to help make societies safer and has been building a framework that contributes towards the prevention of financial crises, in collaboration with the Bank of England.

Stefano is involved in the field of anti-corruption and organised crime. He developed a method to identify organised crime's infiltation into the economy, and has worked as an external expert for Transparency International, the Italian government and the EU Commission.

He co-founded, a non-profit data and explanatory journalism platform for Italian citizens, and he is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum.

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Stefano Gurciullo
data journalism, organised crime

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Mafia in Africa

  • Industry
  • Organised crime

The Italian mafia has established a hidden but lethal presence in Africa. Its members own diamond mines, nightclubs and land, all with the complicity of corrupt regimes.