Stephan Hofstatter is an award-winning investigative journalist based in South Africa.

He has a long track record of uncovering corruption at state entities and reporting on conflict and human rights abuses in Africa. In a career spanning almost two decades, he has worked or written for numerous publications, including Business Day, de Volkskrant, Der Tagesspiegel, the Financial Mail, Sunday Times and Mail & Guardian. He is the author of Licence to Loot, which examines the plunder of Eskom and other South African parastatals. 

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Stephan Hofstatter
Corruption at state entities, conflict and human rights abuses in Africa
South Africa

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The Battle of Bangui

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption

BANGUI - In March 2013, South Africa suffered its worst military defeat since the end of apartheid. After a battle that lasted almost two days, 200 crack troops who engaged 7 000 rebels in the Central African Republic were forced to negotiate a ceasefire at their base. Thirteen South African soldiers died in the battle, with two more later succumbing to their wounds. The mission was shrouded in mystery from the start. The deployment and the diplomatic machinations that led to it were kept secret from the South African public and Parliament.