Dr. Susanne Götze works a journalist in Berlin and holds a PhD in history. She is a science editor at SPIEGEL, works as a radio journalist for Deutschlandfunk and writes, among other for Süddeutsche Zeitung, Zeit, der Freitag about climate crisis, climate diplomacy, energy transition and what all of this means for our changing societies. She investigated stories in Africa, the US, South America and Europe. Her widely-reviewed book "Land unter im Paradies" with 15 stories about climate change received the ITB Award in March 2019.

Together with Annika Joeres she published "Die Klimaschmutzlobby" (Piper) in June 2020 about the networks of climate deniers in the EU and how Lobbyism stops climate legislation. 

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Susanne Götze
Climate crisis, climate diplomacy, energy transition

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CCS: The new promise to stop climate change

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The investigation of Annika Joeres and Susanne Götze illuminates a neglected subject of climate policy. They show what a powerful player the Lobby for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has become for the European Climate Policy.