Tsira Gvasalia is an investigative & science journalist based in Tbilisi, Georgia, with a strong background of working on long-term projects, including documentary films. 

Tsira has worked for several Georgian print and online media organizations since 2010 and has also contributed to international outlets. She has been focusing on investigating corruption connected to natural resource extraction and environmental pollution in Georgia, and Russian business interests in precious metals' mining in South Caucasus Gold mining produces golden pollution 

Among other awareness-raising initiatives in Georgia, she is a founder of bilingual platform კაქტუსი • Cactus where she reports about the interconnection of human health and environmental pollution. She has taught the same topic to young journalists at the University of Georgia between 2018-2021. 

Climate change & health is one of the topics Tsira is currently keen on, also showing it from the perspective of the lack of climate | environment | health data in Post-Soviet countries, stressing the vital importance of data collection improvement, in the evidence-based decision-making process. 


Tsira Gvasalia

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Tsira Gvasalia

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Russian navy killing dolphins in the Black Sea

  • Armed conflict
  • Environment

ODESA - In February 2022, when Russia launched the full-scale invasion into Ukraine,  the Black Sea was one of its focal points. As a result, thousands of cetaceans died. This investigation looks into the faith of dolphins that became victims of the war.