Veronica Rossi (Trieste) worked for local and national news outlets, such as VITA and Altreconomia.

She also collaborates in the communication of realities and associations related to mental health, such as “Collana 180” and “Forum salute mentale” (Mental health forum). She is involved in associations and NGOs in the field of international cooperation and circular economy. 

Veronica has a degree in Cultural anthropolgy, ethnology and anthropological linguistics and a master in ICT for development and social good. 

Veronica Rossi

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Veronica Rossi

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The Business of Madness

  • Equality
  • Social affairs

MADRID/TRIESTE - The cross-border investigation is shedding light on how deinstitutionalisation is taking place in 5 regions of 4 different member states: Spain, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. Many people in mental institutions are subject to neglect and abuse of human rights, reflected in high mortality rates.

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