Wouter Elsen is a video- and photo journalist living in Leuven, Belgium. For 2 years, he lived in Burkina Faso.

Wouter Elsen studied journalism and international cooperation North-South in Belgium. He works as a freelance video and photo journalist whose work has featured in Belgian (VRT, MO*) and international media (The Globe and Mail, The New York Times).

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Wouter Elsen

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Hope in Haiti's Scorched Earth

  • Human Rights
  • International

Five years ago, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake—not for the first time. The country was in shatters. Journalists Arne Gillis and Wouter Elsen take a closer look at how the country is doing, five years after the earthquake.

The Cotton Connection

  • Agriculture
  • Industry

Early 2016 Burkina Faso announced its withdrawal from the genetically modified cotton introduced by multinational Monsanto eight years before. The Cotton Connection investigation shows that the American company made huge mistakes, but is not the only actor to be criticised.