Zaza Bertrand is a Belgian photographer based in Ghent, Belgium.

She obtained a Master degree with great distinction in photography in 2011 with her series 'So Far So Close'. She worked in Amsterdam for the Dutch quality newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’ as a freelance internship. Later she came back to Belgium and focused on her autonomous work called 'Dreamland', about upperclass Egyptian girls living in gated communities. This work was covered in a number of national and international newspapers and magazines. Now she is working on a new story 'Japanese Whispers'.

picture by © Géraldine van Wessem

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Zaza Bertrand

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  • Armed conflict

EGYPT - Late 2011, early 2012. While people are dying on Tahrir Square, four Belgian photographers go in search of personal stories in a metropolis of 20 million inhabitants where fault lines have suddenly been enlarged. This results in images that you don't see on TV or in the newspaper.