Zübeyir Koçulu is an investigative journalist based in London.

Zübeyir contributed to Euronews, Wall Street Journal, Radio France, Der Spiegel, ARD, Balkan Insight, and more.

He focuses on Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, migrants, asylum seekers, cross-borders stories. Zübeyir has experience on the ground in the Middle East. He speaks Turkish, English and Arabic fluently.


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Zübeyir Koçulu
Turkey, the Middle East, Europe, migrants, asylum seekers
United Kingdom

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Erdogan’s Global Purge

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Politics

ANKARA - Turkey has been using its vast presence in Europe and official institutions such as mosques, consulates and institutions in an effort to track its dissidents using covert Turkish intelligence activities.

Is Europe a dangerous place for Turkish dissidents?

  • Human Rights
  • Migration
  • Politics

Turkish communities living in Europe were affected politically by the 15 July 2016 unsuccessful coup d’état.  At least twenty-three Turkish citizens, political opponents of Erdogan, were abducted by the authorities of Bulgaria, Moldova, Kosovo, Ukraine, and Serbia and sent back to Turkey. The expulsions bypassed the sanctions of national courts.